A message of support from Eva McGauley

We’ve just received this great message from Eva McGauley supporting our campaign. Eva is a young activist working to help end sexual violence in New Zealand, and support the survivors.

Eva McGauley Hello my name is Eva McGauley. I’m 17 and run a nationwide campaign called EvasWish.

I had an amazing start to my education thanks to a wonderful kindergarten and great teachers. I was in early childhood education from quite a young age as I have a single mother and she was studying at university. My kindergarten was split into three sections. Babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

I don’t remember being in the baby section but I can remember the building and being incredibly fascinated with the ladder that seemingly went nowhere on the side of the building (it was a fire escape.) I remember being in the toddler part and being scared of having my nappy changed but eventually being ‘smelt out’ and whipped off with a few other kids to what was like an assembly line. Wipe, wipe, wipe. Dry, dry, dry. Change, change, change. Done. All three kids were efficiently changed and it really wasn’t that scary.

I remember someone’s birthday in toddlers and coming home telling my horrified mother I had eaten (and loved!) kiwi fruit and Marmite sandwiches. I remember the big switch from toddlers to preschool and the new sense of responsibility that came with it.

I remember making loads of friends including one lovely boy who would follow me everywhere and do everything I said including “marrying” me and eating a poisonous plant on command. I remember a lesson where all of the children in the class tipped over their cups and I remember squirting mandarin juice into the principal’s eye!

And most of all I remember Christina or ‘Stina as she was known to me. ‘Stina was my wonderful teacher who I am still in touch with today. She taught me so much and was a big part in me becoming who I am. Basically I just remember having a wonderful time and that makes me very lucky because it’s not like this for everyone.

Every child has the right to good early childhood education and these guys are trying to make that happen! Please support the Every Child is Worth It campaign for better funding for every child.



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