A quality curriculum needs paid PLD time

Te Whāriki, Aotearoa's early childhood curriculum, is world famous and loved by educators and whānau everywhere.

It's just had a big update, and whenever a curriculum changes, teachers need time to get acquainted with what's new.

When the New Zealand Curriculum was introduced, all teachers in primary schools got paid professional development time to learn about the new curriculum. But not all early childhood professionals are getting the same opportunities.

We think that if the Government takes Te Whāriki seriously, it should provide the professional support that educators need to learn about the updated curriculum. No teacher should be missing out on paid professional development time.

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We are calling on government to fund one day of paid PLD for all ECE teachers as a professional commitment to learning to support the roll out of the updated Te Whāriki curriculum.

Our colleagues in the schooling sector were given paid PLD when the New Zealand Curriculum was launched. We're asking you for the same consideration for teachers in the ECE profession.

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